Rollix Slewing Ring

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The Rollix Medical slewing rings are characterized by a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation controlled in our anecoïd room. The perfect circle and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements. We propose also innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment.

Rollix is a leading supplier of Blade and Yaw bearings for wind energy, from Small Wind Turbines of 5kW to the latest Multi-MW Offshore turbines up to 10MW.
The custom designed Rollix slewing bearings are engineered in close cooperation with turbine manufacturers: our dedicated engineering team is at your service for new developments and design optimisation.

he success of the Rollix slewing ring is the result of the precision of our finishing by grinding. All our production is perfectly under control and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements, gives batch after batch, the certainty to obtain the right bearing for this very demanding application. We propose also motor torque bearings. Our tailor made design follows perfectly the specific requirements of the customers. The most famous worldwide robots and machine tools manufacturers choose Rollix Slew Bearings all around the world.

kubota slewing bearing

35.7 mm 27 mm
-40 °C 60 mm

VS051A03 wreckers Slewing Ring Bearing

19 mm 15 mm
0.6 mm 120 °C

20 mm x 47 mm x 14 mm 20 mm x 47 mm x 14 mm Thin Type Model Low Torque CT Scan Cross Roller Swing Bearing

36 mm 36 mm
ISO Class 0 92 mm

Low Torque kaydon slewing ring

17 mm 12.8 kN
78 mm 6.65 kN

heavy industries boom pump KCP40RX170 slewing bearing

31 mm 120 mm
US209-28G2 61 mm

thin series slewing bearing swing circle

-20 °C 31 mm
15.5 mm 6.65 kN

slewing ring bearing manufacturers

FE204N- 12.7 mm
63.5 mm 40.8 mm

PSL Large Diameter Turntable Ball Slewing Ring Bearing

7.49 kg UC315-47G2L3
4 mm 55 mm

External gear slewing bearings for thickener

25 mm PG211N-
29.2 kN 126 mm

Trailer packing machinery slewing ring bearing

15.2 kN 15 mm
34.92 mm 8 Nm