Cross Roller Slew Bearing

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Crossed Roller Bearing "SETS" provide all the components necessary for one axis of motion.  These non recirculating type linear bearings are known for their very smooth, high load carrying capacity, and precise motion. They are made to industry standard crossed roller geometry specifications and are dimensionally interchangeable with most other popular crossed roller products.

The Cross Roller Ring is a roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Because it has orthogonally arranged cylindrical rollers, it can bear loads in every direction.

The crossed Roller Bearings of high rigidity cross roller bearing inner and outer rings are with the overall structure, with high rigidity, and with mounting holes, no bearing flange and installation, to a large extent simplify the installation process, and does not affect the mounting accuracy, with high precision and high torque rotation,but also free to choose the inner or outer ring rotation mode in accordance with the accuracy requirements, with greater freedom of choice. It differs HRU is sealed structure using double-sided spring reed seal, and dimensions are more compact than HRU series, more suitable for small mounting space installed.

VI120B01 photovoltaic systems Slewing Ring Bearing

19.5 kN PA206N-
100 °C 30 mm

stainless steel circle internal gear turntable bearing

9mm 71 mm
200 °C US205G2T20

factory price QUD1091.25 slewing bearings

16 mm 68.2 mm
-20 °C 85.7 mm

Low Torque slewing bearing crane

17mm 127 mm
167 mm 8 Nm

grove crane slewing bearing swing circle

44.1 mm SCCE206
SCOE206-30 40 mm

High Rotating Speed Turntable Ball Bearing

0.03 LB Normal Duty
Baldor-Dodge Crossville, TN - DC

feller bunchers Internal Gear Slewing Bearing

31 mm 15 mm
30.5 mm 7.6 kN

slewing bearing for carousel

260 mm 3.97 mm
49.2 mm -20 °C

1000mm double row contact ball slewing bearing

782476477547 5 LB
Round Steel

arm crane material handling slewing ring

22 Nm 102 mm
300 mm 27.8 mm

automated machine systems slewing bearing

101 mm EX204G2T04
48 mm 70 mm